Performance Centre, Futures Cup, DiSE and NAGS

Performance Centres are the next step on the England Hockey Player Pathway after an Academy Centre. Avon players attend the Bristol Performance Centre which is run by the West Hockey Association. These are training sessions and competitions run in two age groups U15 and U17. From the Performance Centre players may be selected to represent the Wessex Leopards at Futures Cup, following which selection is made to the National Age Group Squads (NAGS). Year 12 students may also be selected to complete England Hockey's Diploma in Sporting Excellence (DiSE). Further details can be found on England Hockey's website under Player Pathway.


U14 Avon Junior Hockey players selected for West Hockey's 2020/2021 Bristol Performance Centre trial day. The trial was planned for 14th June 2020 but this is highly likely to be delayed - details will be sent out from West Hockey as soon as they are known. 

U14 Boys Bath   U14 Boys Bristol   U14 Girls Bath   U14 Girls Bristol
Toby Day   Matthew Broomfield   Ruby  Butterfield (GK)   Isabella Chihota
Henry Derwent   Dylan Bruce   Georgia Ifil   Isobel Collin 
Zack  Glasgow   Elliot Burgess   Jessica  Knechtli   Stephanie Hamilton-James
Jonty Gustard   Thomas Croughan (GK)   Emma Meier   Grace Harwood
Daniel Holliwell   Alex Gardner (GK)   Izzy  Reid   Lilly  Holmes
Addy Horwood (GK)   Henry Hammond (GK)   Ava  Ubogu   Isabella Maloney
Max Kirkwood   Jay Hunt   Tabitha Waddington   Alice McMichael
Josh Knight   Harrison King         Flora Thomson
Chris Leberman (GK)   Jack Mayes            
Noah  Murray   Toby Smith            
Alex  Tagent   Henry Williams            


Avon Junior Hockey players selected for West Hockey's 2019/2020 Bristol Performance Centre 

U15 Boys     U15 Girls     U17 Boys     U17 Girls  
Dan Abbey   Jemma Anderson   Callum Black   Issy Byett
Oliver Day   Greer  Barnes (GK)   Edward  (Ned) Boursin   Mia Cryer (GK)
Joshua Dell   Martha Barratt   Peter Carter   Millie Isaacs
Matthew Garrod   Lena Brewer   Scott Curtis   Emma Lamy (GK)
Elliott Hardisty   Livvy  Chalk (GK)   Robert  Dymond   Saskia Lawrence
Josh Henly   Alice Clements   Reef French   Nuala Lixton
Dylan Kane (GK)   Paige Cox   Joseph Gough (GK)   Emily Maclean
Ben MacLean   Jessie Edge   William Howells   Katherine Marden
Tom Meharg   Tilly Edwards   Oliver King   Millie Mayer
Louis Nancekivell   Imogen Hall   Joshua Lang   Scarlett Pearce-Lynch
Conor Quinn (GK)   Emily Hersch   Will Newell (GK)   Imogen Sparrow
Matthew Robins   Charlotte Hollywood    Hugh Page   Sofia Trujillo
Toby Rushmer   Clemmie Houlden   Thomas Prince   Joanna York (GK)
Sam Stevens   Ella King (GK)   Tom Roach (GK)      
Jack Webb   Ella Wilson   Benjamin Sharp      
            Jakob Szpojnarowicz      
            Benji Wagstaffe      
            Ben Ward      


Avon Junior Hockey players selected for England Hockey's Futures Cup August 2019.


U15 Boys     U15 Girls     U17 Boys     U17 Girls  
Joseph Gough (GK)   Millie Isaacs   George Nicholls   Jenny Hughes
Oliver King   Saskia Lawrence   William Prentice   Alice Neville
Jack Webb   Imogen Sparrow   Hugh Page (NTR)      
      Joanna York (GK)            


Avon Junior Hockey players selected for England Hockey's NAGS (National Age Group Squad) assessment camps Autumn 2019.

U16 Boys     U16 Girls     U18 Boys     U18 Girls  
Joseph Gough (GK)   Millie Isaacs   William Prentice   Jenny Hughes
Oliver King   Saskia Lawrence         Katie Jones
Jack Webb   Imogen Sparrow         Alice Neville
Rob Wilson   Joanna York (GK)         Katie Partridge

Selection to NAGS will be made from these camps and is the highest honour obtainable by a junior hockey player. 



Always play with P.R.I.D.E

Personal Responsibility In Delivering Execellence

Location of Hockey Pitches

The location of hockey pitches used for Avon Junior County Hockey can be found below.

Clifton College Sports Centre
Abbots Leigh

Red Maids School
Westbury Road

Badminton School
Westbury Road

Bristol Grammar School
(Firebrands Hockey Club)
Clevedon Road

Bath University
Claverton Down Road
North East Somerset

Kingswood School Upper Pitch
Sport Pavilion
Lansdown Road
Bath BA1 9BH

Royal High School
Lansdown Road
Bath BA1 5SZ

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